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The wonderful poet Halah Mohammed interviewed me a couple months ago about my poetry background and practice. Part 1 of the interview is here! Check out the rest of her interviews with spoken word poets around the world on her website,

Un-blocking Freedom Of Expression

“When I was in third grade we had a teacher named Tom Smith who was eclectic. He wanted to focus on the arts, so we did a ton of poetry. We all memorized Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, all 18 stanzas [chuckles], and we learned about the Italian Renaissance as well as the Harlem Renaissance. We took a field trip to Harlem, which for third graders from Pennsylvania is something that is not normally done…He didn’t end up teaching us much from the standard curriculum, so the administration didn’t approve and he left the school a couple years after I had him. But he was absolutely amazing and started that love for art and words with me. Then, I just started casually writing for a while and kept at it ’til now [smiles wide].”

“What has poetry given you?”

“I’ve always primarily been a dancer. I started dancing at the…

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Guest Post: Online Poetry Communities

This week we have a guest post from poet Georgia Bartlett-McNeil. Georgia is an Edinburgh-based poet who maintains a strong online presence for her creative writing through Tumblr (her blog, A Poet’s World, is here). In this post she shares her experience of gaining confidence to share her writing publicly with the support of her online community, as well as how developing an online platform for her writing has been a fundamental part of her creative practice. Enjoy!  Continue reading