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Becoming an Ambassador for Scottish Poetry Library

So excited to announce that Carly Brown and I will be piloting the new Scottish Poetry Library Ambassadors program this year! We’ll be tweeting, blogging, and sharing news about the SPL’s programs and how to get involved, as well as taking your ideas about events and programming that you’d like to see. Carly wrote a post for her blog that sums up some of what we’ll be doing and what the SPL has to offer – check it out, along with the rest of her great work! -Katie

Carly Brown

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining the Scottish Poetry Library team as part of their brand new Ambassadors program. The poet Katie Ailes  and I will be sharing information about the library on social media and also bringing you news about poetry events happening all over Scotland. You can follow us on Twitter at @SPL_Ambassadors and follow the Poetry Library at @ByLeavesWeLive.

What is the Scottish Poetry Library, you ask?? Well, it’s a pretty great place…

The SPL is an awesome national resource and an advocate for the art of poetry. It is one of three poetry libraries in the UK and their mission is to bring the pleasures and benefits of poetry to as wide an audience as possible. They do this in lots of different ways including:

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Starting the PhD: Another Journey Begins!

Hello readers! My apologies for the relative lack of regular posts over the last couple of months; it’s for the very happy reason that I’ve been swamped with making, promoting, and performing poetry! In August I performed with the spoken word collective Loud Poets at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which was hugely exciting and taught me much about how hectic, demanding—and rewarding—putting on a large-scale show at a festival can be (I wrote about that experience here).

Now I’m back to the academic schedule, however, and delighted to announce that this October I’m beginning my PhD in English at the University of Strathclyde! Continue reading